• September 27th, 2020

Sessions with Mr Glo

Solani Zulu better known by many as Mr Glo is gearing up to bring you a new show called ‘Sessions’ in July.
As entertainers around the world find new ways to stay relevant, Mr Glo’s show, which will be available on his YouTube channel, will centre on work being done in the studio with different artists. ‘‘The show will revolve around the day-to-day happenings inside and outside the studio. How we mix and master a beat, we will also cover how it is when an artist goes to shows and video shoots,’’ he explained.
Mr Glo believes Namibians are growing towards wanting to know more about the happenings of the music world, especially in times like this. ‘’This show will help open the eyes of aspiring producers and artists to better understand that this can become a career where you can make a living. It will serve to inspire us all, especially the youth out there and the entertainment business,’’ he pointed out.

Gone are the times when people used to think that music was just a hobby, he explained to Entertainment Now! ‘’This is our bread, it’s not a hobby anymore, we went to school to study hard for this at the College of the Arts. We are now building the platform for them to better understand the undertakings of the work that goes into it to build a future,’’ he said.
Sessions will have episodes as recordings are done daily with different artists, producers, and with people that have the knowledge of how the entertainment industry works.

The first episode will be a discography of the man himself to better explain what the show will entail and get an insight on his newest music about to be released.
‘‘I’m not working on an album per se I’m just gonna be releasing singles. We just finished the video production on my latest track titled ‘Hello’ featuring ZYX and Dion from PDK.
The show will keep people anticipated to each episode and give them knowledge on how the industry can grow, as  Covid-19 has brought the sector to its knees. 
Cameo’s to be expected so far are Tate Buti, Sunny Boy, Dj Siya, and PDK. Mr Glo’s production team for Sessions consists of Dion Auala and Eddy Kattele as the editor.
– slunyangwe@nepc.com.na

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-06-19 12:44:16 | 3 months ago

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