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Shai Quan bows out of radio

2020-07-27  Strauss Lunyangwe

Shai Quan bows out of radio
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After spending 11 years on radio, bubbling personality Chareen Kauanzundu, better known to her listeners as Shai_Quan, will be bowing out gracefully from radio presenting.
Last week, Shai_Quan announced her departure from radio on her social media pages, much to her fans’ dismay. Entertainment Now! caught up with the motivational presenter and quizzed her on her decision. She explained that the announcement was about her leaving radio altogether and not joining another rival station. 

‘’I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a great opportunity to advance my career in marketing, and that will need my full attention. Radio will always be my first love – but right now, God wants to use me. I need to make that shift for great elevation,’’ she explained.
Shai_Quan has shared a very deep connection with her listeners, who have been committed listeners. ‘’I strongly believe they just fell in love with my personality but more so because of how transparent and vulnerable I have been with them. My very organic, raw, relatable and relevant voice has drawn a lot of people in. My listeners are very sad but I went the extra mile to let them know how I can’t let this opportunity pass by; they are actually very excited about my new beginning,’’ she said.

Another reason why she is stepping away from her popular slot at night is that family is very important to her and she would like to spend more time with them. She feels having kids is like having pieces of her heart floating around outside of her body, making a person super vulnerable and sensitive that it also gives you all the feels.

Shai_Quan admitted to being a very spiritual person as most of her listeners have come to know her. She has not had an easy life but through the struggles, she has grown and matured so much spiritually – for that, she is thankful. 
‘’The one trait that stands out for me now is how I can embrace all that comes my way with thankfulness. I know that life loves me and that it is constantly guiding me on the path I am meant to walk. And even though the journey has not always been smooth, easy and free of struggle, pain and darkness, I continue to embrace all that comes my way with thankfulness, knowing that nothing is happening to me but everything is happening for me,’’ she confessed.

She further assured listeners that even though she is leaving radio, it will not be the last you hear or see her. She is working on launching her Youtube channel, titled ‘All Things Shai_Quan’, where she will be creating videos on lifestyle, motivation and beauty. She is also in the process of writing her first book, Warrior, which should be on the shelves in 2021. 

‘’My listeners have had me for 11 years – and now, it is time to bless more people using different platforms. I pray I have inspired a generation of strong compassionate men and women. I pray I have left a positive mark in their lives for them to continue working to be the best version of themselves, to embrace their faults, to manifest a great life for themselves, to take care of their mental health and not compromise that for anyone or anything – and to ultimately be the best, happiest and healthiest versions of themselves,’’ she ended.



2020-07-27  Strauss Lunyangwe

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