• September 23rd, 2020

Shambyu refutes alleged corrupt land deal

RUNDU – The Shambyu Traditional Authority chief council has refuted allegations of corruption by All People’s Party (APP) secretary general Vincent Kanyetu, dismissing this as propaganda and claiming them as political accusations to solicit votes in the upcoming regional and local authority elections.

Kanyetu recently on record accused the Shambyu chief’s council of bing corrupt, saying they are selling communal land at the expense of poor communities and that it also allocated land to the Mayana Irrigation project without consulting the affected community.
Chairperson of the chief’s council Edward Sikerete issued a statement springing to the defence of the Shambyu council in response to the allegations by APP.

“The chief’s council of Shambyu Traditional Authority would like to correct the secretary general of APP on his irresponsible, damaging, confusing and childish public statement he made on 27 July,” Sikerete hit back at APP. 
“It is with regret that we find it necessary to write to you and further inform the general public regarding your false, misleading baseless and childish accusations made against the chiefs council of Shambyu without any factual basis,” he added. 
Sikerete said Kanyetu in his capacity as the APP secretary general outrageously, irresponsibly and childishly claimed the chief’s council is corrupt. 

“The chief’s council strongly refute these wild political accusations that the chief’s council is corrupt and that it allocated land to the project. Such allegations were utterly false and founded on fake and slander politics,” he said.
Sikerete explained the land on which some investors want to establish an irrigation project was not allocated by the traditional authority nor by the community but some individuals and the affected community members are up in arms against the project because procedures were not followed and they were not consulted nor compensated for their land.

“Because if somebody gives the land, they must give it with their own free will – not by force; this project, which is on disputed land, must come to a halt so that people can continue using their land. People have gone so far as to label it as some kind of land grabbing,” he said.
The said project went through government to acquire funding but the traditional authority says they are not aware of anything and they were not approached for any engagement before setting up. “Nobody approached us – not even government. So, we are not involved in that project in any way,” he noted.

“One would have thought that as a young man from Shambyu community, you would still hold dear to your heart the customary law and understanding of real challenges facing this community. It is, therefore, utmost disappointment that you still chose to confuse the community and the general public with cheap politics intending to divide this community,” Sikerete said. 
He stated the Shambyu Traditional Authority has no room for confused and dishonest politicians who are failing in their duties. 
With regard to illegal fencing in rural areas, Sikerete said the traditional authority was not involved in selling land that people are fencing off illegally and the chiefs council have heard complaints of people fencing grazing areas but they have not sold any land; they are also fighting against the people fencing illegally. “Nobody sells land here; nobody sold communal land,” he stressed.

John Muyamba
2020-08-10 09:28:30 | 1 months ago

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