• April 21st, 2019
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Shaningwa calls on Tsumeb municipality to deliver

Obrein Simasiku Tsumeb-Rural and Urban Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa has put Tsumeb Municipality under tight scrutiny by vowing to closely monitor its envisaged strategic plans and all projects currently underway. She said this with reference to several projects lined up, such as the completion of 300 housing units, further commending the council for ensuring the provision of about 3,000 houses over the past five years. Shaningwa said she would keep a close eye on matters to ensure projects envisaged for 2018, such as the AMTA storage facility, youth container, industrial park, medical disposal factory and shopping mall, are completed. “As the minister, I will closely monitor the commitment of council towards implementation of all these strategies. As a team, we shall account to the people of Oshikoto Region and the country at large. I will properly do this, wherever I will be. I must assure you that I have the energy to do so,” Shaningwa said when she officially opened the 2017 Copper Festival. The theme for this year’s theme is ‘Copper: Aspiring To A Better Tomorrow’. “For Tsumeb to be an industrial hub of the Oshikoto Region I urge you to make use of every opportunity that presents itself in terms of development. Consolidate the relationship between council and the businesses. “Plan ahead of time and stay focused at all times, and join hands with government and other role players in the quest to develop our towns, region and country,” advised Shaningwa, added that: “Time is now or never.” Further, she said she was pleased to note council had awarded four townships to private developers for housing development, which will form part of the town expansion beyond its current town boundaries. “The public private partnership agreements are being finalised to meet the current housing demand, which stands at 4,500 listed applicants in Tsumeb. I want to assure you that once it is finalised these documents will not sleep in my office. I will sign them immediately. “However, these opportunities continue to draw a large number of Namibians to the town, and council has the obligation to invite more investors in town through the PPP arrangement. Hence, financial and technical investors by both local and foreign investors are crucial for the development of our country. However, this must be done on a win-win basis, for the benefit of all involved,” the minister emphasised.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-03 09:08:24 1 years ago

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