• June 2nd, 2020

Shaningwa disowns Itula as a Swapo member

WINDHOEK – Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa says the party accepts that independent presidential candidate Dr Panduleni Itula, with effect from the date of his registration with the Electoral Commission of Namibia, has irreversibly ex-communicated himself as a Swapo member. 
This in effect makes the dentist no longer a member of Swapo.

In a public statement read on her behalf by Swapo secretary for information Hilma Nicanor on Friday, Shaningwa said Swapo has noted with immense concern that Itula, despite him publicly proclaiming that he is a Swapo party member, decided to register himself as a presidential candidate in direct competition with and against the party’s nominated and sole candidate.

When asked by journalists why Swapo is not expelling Itula from the party as done to other members who differed, Nicanor did not want to entertain the question, saying it was not part of the agenda.
She also refused to answer questions on pressing issues such as the missing electronic voting machines, saying she was in a hurry to attend the Swapo rally in Mariental.

She maintained that throughout the history of the party, members who differed with the policies of the party resigned or formed their own political parties.

According to her, three such political parties have been formed within such context.
“To us, this is the logical and honest path to follow. It is unfortunate that in this instance logic has not prevailed. The party takes it that to the extent that Dr itula was indeed a Swapo Party member in good standing at the time of registering himself as an independent presidential candidate with the Electoral Commission of Namibia, he has since tacitly and implicitly abandoned his membership of Swapo Party,” Shaningwa reacted.

Therefore, she says, after Itula’s registration as an independent presidential candidate he has irreversibly ex-communicated himself and is thus no longer a Swapo member.

Shaningwa said Swapo Party therefore wishes to remind and inform all its members, supporters and sympathisers that its sole presidential candidate is and remains President Hage Geingob.
She asked members, supporters and sympathisers of the ruling party to disassociate themselves with the subversive activities of Itula that are aimed at confusing and misleading Swapo members.

“Dr Itula was not nominated by Swapo Party and does not represent it. In the event of any instance of abuse of the party’s name and its symbols during Dr Itula’s election campaign, the party will take such action as it may deem necessary and appropriate including approaching the High Court for an interdict,” Shaningwa threatened.

She asked Swapo Party members and supporters to rally their total support behind and vote for Geingob come 27 November.

Albertina Nakale
2019-11-04 07:22:36 | 6 months ago

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