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Sharpening girls for technical work

2021-10-27  Paheja Siririka

Sharpening girls for technical work
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Thirteen schoolgirls in grades 8 and 9 recently undertook a tour of the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) facilities at Walvis Bay to learn about careers in the technical fields. 

The educational excursion was organised by Global Apprenticeship Network
Namibia through partners with among others Namibian Employers’ Federation (NEF), GIZ Namibia, Commercial Advancement Training Scheme, and Namibia Training Authority.

The visit was part of the recently-launched Girls’ Day Namibia Initiative, which aims to create awareness among young women about career opportunities in the technical fields, coupled with encouragement and exposure to different career options in historically male-dominated industries. 

The visit enabled young girls to network and get access directly to the industry and women who have already successfully established themselves in a technical career. The girls were given a tour of the Namport head office and had an opportunity to engage with Namport female employees about the different career options available at Namport.

 Maria Simanya, a learner from Duinesig High School, said it was an inspirational experience, and she now knows the importance of technical careers. 

 “I was excited about learning how Namport empowers women, and the way women are impacting operations there through their talents,” shared Simanya.

 Chawa Nyambe, a security official at Namport, spoke about the duties of security at the port and motivated learners to focus on their education, and to seek mentors who can help them choose careers that will suit them.

 “We are responsible for monitoring all activity that happen at the port. We patrol, do investigations, and we ensure each person who enters the port has a permit,” explained Nyambe. 

 Lempie Shavulika from De Duine High School was interested in learning about how boilermakers operate, and was impressed with the employees’ work ethic. 

 Namport’s synchro lift manager Ipupa Kasheeta said women can excel in male-dominated industries such as logistics and engineering, and reminded the learners to make the right choices for them to have a successful career.  “The choices you make today will have an impact on your future, and use every opportunity you get to improve your life,” she explained, while detailing how ships are fixed at the dock and the different technologies used to maintain ships.   Several corporates have been getting on the bandwagon to empower women of all ages, and to enlighten them more on technical-related fields. -

2021-10-27  Paheja Siririka

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