• July 23rd, 2019
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She has rights and power

Olivia Shaanika (16) Society told me to sit down and be quiet They told me to not get involved because I am a female They told me to not express my opinion They told me to not oppose what they believe is best for me Today, I have had enough Today, I will emancipate myself from the norms of society I am more than just a pretty face and a smile I am the possessive element that can control the atmosphere around me I have the right to give my opinion I have the right to stand up and speak And society should listen I am not just a young female Look into my soul and see that I am more than that Women and girls died for me to live freely Free to make my own decisions without the intervention of society I am more than what I show you and what you see I will not allow society to define me, nor the role I play in my home I will not conform to what society defines as a ‘’woman’’ I will not permit society to decide when I am too grown to play I have the right to play My age does not determine my intelligence or the power I possess Today I stand tall because I embrace my rights My rights give me strength and power to liberate my mind.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-22 10:04:48 1 years ago

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