• October 28th, 2020

Sheya hands over N$6m heritage centre

Cecilia Xavier

KHORIXAS – Kunene governor Marius Sheya on Friday handed over a cultural heritage centre worth N$ 6.1 million to the Khorixas Town Council. 
The centre is aimed at promoting cultural tourism and local history, preserve cultural heritage and transfer skills and knowledge.

The centre is a brainchild of the Kunene Regional Council – and for about two years, it was not being utilised for it purpose. 
“It is time we put it into operation for students and community to learn about Khorixas and broader knowledge. Heritage should display what Khorixas can give you from past to present.  It would be good if you would find different ethnics and culture of Khorixas,” said Sheya.

Emgardt Nauses, deputy mayor of Khorixas, promised to put the facility to good use, also noting that discussion with the National Museum of Namibia are ongoing as to how they can use their facility.
“Amongst the idea is to use it for youth to design, display and sell their designed clothing and generate income,” Nauses said. 

Sheya noted the only way to improve the social ills the country is facing is through heritage centres, mentioning that it is very important such centres are not only aimed for tourists but for the community.
“I think what is happening right now in Namibia is a reflection of the society. It is time to go back to basics – culture.  We need to have dignity before anything else.” 

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2020-10-13 08:39:10 | 15 days ago

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