• August 18th, 2019
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Shitongeni blames foreigners for dubious house purchases

Archived, National
Archived, National

WINDHOEK - Tobias Hainyeko constituency councillor, Zulu Shitongeni, has warned against people who dubiously purchase houses from poor people, while singling out “foreigners and some people from the white community” whom he alleges of being guilty of the practice. "The white community and foreigners are targeting our people in Katutura and our people end up living in shacks. Our white community and foreigners please stay away [from acquiring houses dubiously] because if we catch you the law will deal with you," Shitongeni said last week Thursday. He made the remarks at a house in Katutura where a family faces eviction after a relative, in whose name the house is registered, allegedly sold the house to a ‘white foreigner’. The house owner, Sibertus Ngoroua died in 2001 and because he had no children or a wife the house was given to his brother who was appointed as the executor of his estate. The brother already owns a house and hence gave the inherited house to the nephews and nieces who lived with the deceased before he passed away. However, the brother, Mathias Shikongo, allegedly sold the house and the nephews and nieces are now without  a roof over their heads. Last week the family received an urgent final notice to vacate the house or face eviction, according to Veronica Hangula of the Katutura east constituency office. This prompted constituency councillors, including Hangula, Alina Ndapuka, Shitongeni and members of the community to gather at the house with the intention to halt the eviction. The family was not evicted since the sheriff of the court did not appear to carry out the court order. "We found a letter that states that we should vacate the house last Tuesday at the gate of the yard. We do not know how much he sold the house for, but since May the electricity and water was cut off. We get water from the singles quarters and Havana. We feel bad because we do not have anywhere to go. We do not have money to pay for rent," said Anna Shikongo, one of the affected sibilings. There are currently eight people in the house, excluding Mathias. The alleged house seller has apparently threated to kill the nephews and nieces and their children, Raimo Shikongo said.  "The gate is always locked, because we live in fear for our lives," added Anna. Mathias apparently bought two cars with the money he received from the house sale. "He sold one of the cars and the other one is for sale," Anna said. Ndapuka said she will fight for the people of her constituency so that they do not lose their homes under dubious circumstances.   By Alvine Kapitako
New Era Reporter
2013-10-21 11:06:59 5 years ago

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