• February 26th, 2020

Shop for January in December

We all make financial mistakes - including myself - but we need to learn from these financial mistakes to make good financial decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises. There’s a generic need for financial literacy in Namibia. We are in the festive season period and it gets busy during this time of the year; business is booming as consumers are flocking for Christmas shopping. It is also during this period that many functions and wedding festivities are taking place. We use so much money! How about we pay for/settle January’s expenses now school fees, uniforms, stationeries and all expenses that are expected to be take can care of in January? This is a good alternative and note that this also cheap now compared to the prices in January. The same as when buying winter clothes it’s best buying them in summer to cut on cost. If you can do your back-to-school shopping now you will have no last-minute stress come January. This is also a good start to the year. It is important to understand your income and spending habits. Remember, Januworry is an aftermath of December’s spending. Festus Hangula Windhoek
New Era Reporter
2017-11-10 09:48:56 | 2 years ago

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