• July 18th, 2019
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Silumbi school principal refuses to admit learners

Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-The director of education in Zambezi Region, Austin Samupwa, has condemned the action by some school principals in reportedly refusing to admit learners at their schools for vague reasons. Samupwa said such decisions are illegal and cannot be tolerated. “If some principals are doing that, they are doing so illegally and should desist. So far such concerns have not been brought to my attention,” added Samupwa in a telephonic interview with New Era on Monday. Silumbi Combined School in Bukalo circuit is one such school where parents and prospective learners have on numerous occasions been turned away by the principal Fidelis Mujiwa, according to sources. As schools enter the second week of the academic year, some aggrieved parents who spoke to New Era alleged that Mujiwa has been selective in admitting learners at the school. “He chooses who to admit, despite the rejected learners meeting all the criteria. He went on to say that not even the inspector, director or the permanent secretary can compel him to heed the parents’ pleas because he holds the supreme powers to the school, hence he can do what he wants,” said one parent who requested not to be named. Mujiwa’s alleged disregard to heed the calls from his superiors to admit learners is attested to by the circuit inspector of Bukalo, Dial Limbo. “I have already instructed Mujiwa to allow the learners to be enrolled at the school. The policy on admission is clear, he should just abide by the rules,” stressed Limbo who said he was surprised to hear Mujiwa still refuses to admit learners and ignored the directive. When approached for comment, Mujiwa said: “Drive and come to the school, then we sit and talk about the issue. I don’t work over the phone.”
New Era Reporter
2018-01-17 09:15:27 1 years ago

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