• September 30th, 2020

Silver Jubilee celebration rocks Walvis Bay

WALVIS BAY - Namibian artists delivered electrifying performances on Saturday night at the Kuisebmond soccer stadium that kept music lovers dancing all night. The musical event was part of the towns Silver Jubilee celebration of the reintegration of Namibia to Walvis Bay.

The celebration started on Saturday morning with a street parade with the fire brigade together with schools from the town. The organiser of the show Jimmy Julie told Entertainment Now! that the event was well-received by the community. “The significance of the event was because the town’s reintegration was in itself something to celebrate with the excitement level being very high. We also had most of the former mayors in attendance, making it a joyful experience,’’ he said. 

Renowned Ma//aisa artist, Lettie opened the stage followed by local artists Pule Benson much to the delight of the crowd. Walvis Bay born, Top Cherrie also outshined herself giving a performance of her life to the hometown supporters. As usual, Sally did not disappoint either with the catchy dance moves, with DJ Kboz on the decks. Sunny Boy took the crowd down memory lane while the group Tswazis closed the show off with a show-stopping performance.

Eveline de Klerk
2019-11-04 07:48:48 | 10 months ago

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