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Six arrested on witchcraft allegations

2022-01-12  John Muyamba

Six arrested on witchcraft allegations

RUNDU – The Kavango West police on Monday arrested six people who caused chaos at Kasivi village  when they attacked victims they accused of being involved in witchcraft.

The suspects have also allegedly set fire on a cucashop that belongs to one of the alleged witches.

Amongst the suspects is a teacher. 

When the police were called to the scene, the suspects allegedly threw stones at a police vehicle and a private car, causing damage.

“They were arrested at Kasivi village, following a commotion that occurred yesterday (Monday) evening. Amongst them was a teacher from Kasivi Combined School. This teacher was at the forefront regarding the accusation related to witchcraft that was alleged to have been happening in the area,” reads the police report.

They face charges of malicious damage to State property (police car), arson (burning the cuca shop) and defamation of character.

They will appear in the Kahenge Magistrate’s Court this week. 


2022-01-12  John Muyamba

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