• April 23rd, 2019
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Sluggish economy delays water project

Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva-The flood mitigation project to minimise the effect of floods at Oshakati could not be fully implemented as planned because of financial constraints. Although the project to build a dyke was to be implemented within five years from 2013, the CEO of Oshakati, Werner Iita, said the completion is likely to be derailed for a few more years because of a lack of funds. “The completion of the project will depend on the availability of funds, which we do not have at the moment,” said Iita. Council requires close to a billion Namibia dollars to construct three more bridges before the actual construction of the dyke commences. The council has successfully bridged the gap that existed since the project kicked off and constructed three bridges – at Okatana, another between Ekuku and Ehenye and also between Extension 16 and Onendongo. Apart from constructing storm water channels at Ekuku to prevent further flooding in the area, the council has not done any work on the dyke. In addition, council has also attempted to raise the sand to prevent water from flowing into the town. Iita said that apart from the construction of the dyke, the town as part of its master plan has plans to deepen the Okatana River, service plots and provide accommodation to residents. Iita said the construction of the storm water channels has over the years reduced flooding at the town. He said the people who are now affected by the floods are those from Oshoopala informal settlement who continuously erect shacks in flood-prone areas as well as those settling illegally at night. However, the CEO said he would continue to save residents from the floods, irrespective of how they settled at the town. This year, more than 140 residents from Oshoopala location were relocated after their homes were flooded.
New Era Reporter
2017-12-22 07:05:17 1 years ago

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