• April 25th, 2019
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Smoking hot action at Swakop Spin City


Donna Collins Swakop Spin City turned up the heat, when they hosted a final and fourth event of the year on 30 December, drawing a good turnout and a mix of spinners from Windhoek and the coast. A total of 11 cars braved the desert summer temperatures, and gave their last full throttled spin for 2017 with loads of screeching tyres, flying rubber and white smoke filling the arena. An exuberant crowd of around 600 spectators gathered around the spinning pit, to enjoy the action, which was on top form, with the day ending on a high note at 19h30. The guys to beat were Windhoek crew ‘Team Sheriff’, in their bright yellow bakkie powered by a V8 Lexus motor. Maholito Majiedt and stunt driver Edward De Wee were in top form, and out spun their components throughout the day with some nifty “kitchen” manoeuvres and daredevil stunts. Even though the emphasis was on a “fun day” competition amongst the guys was potent, and a blistering battle for top spot unfortunately saw Swakopmund’s undisputed “king of Spin” Boyster Alendse blowing the engine of his BMW E36. Luckily, he was able to finish the day in a loan vehicle. The talented 17-year-old Boyster has been spinning for the past four years, and is fearless. He has taken part in many of the national spin events throughout the country, and is planning on becoming active in 2018 once his BMW is up and running again. Chris van Rooyen the chairperson Coastal Drift, Spin and Drag Motorclub, welcomed Llewellyn du Plessis the chairperson Windhoek Drift Spin and Drag Motorclub, who together with ‘Team Dupps’ turned up to support and enjoy the day. Van Rooyen said he was very satisfied with the turnout, and that a good spin-off always promises action packed entertainment for the whole family. He thanked the sponsors ‘Monster Energy Drink’, Refuse Solutions and Industrial Cleaners, who helped made the day possible. Members of the Coastal DSD Motor Club, who organised the event, established the Swakop Spin City facility in 2015. The facility offers a fully-fledged interlock spin pad with two ‘kitchens’, safety barriers, fencing and ample parking. It is situated near the Swakopmund Go-Kart track. The first event for 2018 will be held during the Easter weekend.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-11 09:33:15 1 years ago

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