• July 16th, 2020

Social Reflection: Rock this year with all you got!

The year has officially kicked off and it is so refreshing to have a whole new start. I know they say New Year’s resolutions are such clichés, but I think something is liberating about new beginnings. Even if they come about every 365 days, and the resolutions seem to carry over year after year without much being achieved. The one thing we cannot deny is that there is an aura in the air, that promises an opportunity to be better, do better and achieve better. 

This year though is different, for two reasons. 
1. I have stopped dreaming
2. I have started doing

When they say that last year was the year of groundwork, I mean it was HELLA LIT! We got our hearts broken and mended them, we lost our jobs and acquired new ones, we broke down and got back up, but most importantly we fell and rose like the powerhouses we are. It is no longer about dreaming and wishing, but about applying and doing. The time to be complacent and play small is long gone, we are now in a time of dominating industries, rising above the status quo and ensuring we take risks! 

Here are some pointers on how to ensure you rock this year with all you got! 
Make a Vision Board - This is the year where we will ensure that we plan. It’s a matter of drawing out your year plan because Vision Boards are a vibe! It is no longer about biting the bullet and simply jumping into things without so much as a plan in place. No, honey! (for more on how to make your vision board, read my blog!) 

Plan your finances - Such a drag! Well, yes! However, you know what’s even better than having to sit through financial woes, having money because you planned out your finances. This one is the most challenging, yet most rewarding. Have you any idea how beautiful it is to walk around with a hundred dollars in your everyday account and knowing you have 30 thousand saved in your unit trust. It is absolutely amazing, because you are broke, but actually a rich Queen! They were never ready for your greatness. 

Join a workout group - Well... Well... Well... if it isn’t the resolution that stares many of us in the face without yielding result. Well, 2020 is different, you are different and will do different. Many times, we fall off the work out bandwagon after buying that cute workout outfit because we do not plan forward. The reality is that if you are not already a gym/work out regular, it is hard to maintain and stick to this resolution. Which is why you are to see the obstacle and work to ensure that this time, you won’t quit. Join the gym and get a work out partner or join a work out group. This is to ensure that you have someone to help push you and keep you accountable when you start to slack. 

Get your health in check - A healthy body, is a healthy mind. You feel lighter when you work out, you feel energized because you are giving your body the right food. Its just salads are such a drag and rice cakes taste like cardboard. This is not entirely true, its because your body is so accustomed to surviving on carbs. Train it to eat healthier. Get fun healthy recipes and transform your body. 

Tackle procrastination - Teach yourself discipline. Respect deadlines. Strive to have a to do list every day and ensure you tick off all the items each day. Having a productive day is the first step to having a productive week, which is the second step to having a productive life. Once you tackle procrastination, you tackle half the issues you face in your everyday life, because many of the things that set us back are as a result of procrastination. 

Go get it - Literally, get up and go get it. Whatever it is you have been meaning to do, have been wanting to do and have been dreaming of doing - just do it. Imprint it on your heart that everything you desire will be yours. You will fail, but you will fail forward. You will achieve and strive for the next thing. You will conquer, you know why? Because you are a POWERHOUSE. The word for this year is POWERHOUSE. 
If we are to fully grasp that life is a journey, we will live more fulfilled lives. The concept of seeing your eyes through the eyes of an 80-year-old was introduced to me by Kiki Ghebo and has shifted my entire perspective. I have decided to enjoy my life, every single ounce of it because life is so fragile. Emotions are so temporary, but memories are what last forever. Allow your perspective to shift and prioritize your happiness.

 What would you say to your 80-year-old self? Write to me - eliasmavis@gmail.com

From one Powerhouse to another
Love Mavis

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