• October 21st, 2020

Soldier accused of murder to tender plea

An officer of the Namibian Defence Force who was arrested for shooting and killing a Windhoek civilian during a joint law enforcement operation last year is expected to tender his preliminary plea next month.
This follows after State prosecutor Latoya Mukumbo informed the court that investigations in the matter are near completion and thus the State will be ready to have the accused, Mulelel Darrel Nyambe tender his plea.
Magistrate Alice Gawanas postponed the case for the preliminary plea to 20 October.
Nyambe is charged with a count of murder for the death of Benisius Kalola (32). Nyambe allegedly shot and killed Kalola in Smarties location of Katutura in September 2019.

Police reports at the time stated that Kalola was shot with an AK-47 in the back, just a couple of metres away from his family home at Single Quarters in Katutura. This happened after a hot pursuit of Kalola by the armed NDF members.
Kalola succumbed to injuries hours later after the shooting at Katutura state hospital.
Kalola was allegedly shot while the members of Operation Kalahari were on a search for narcotics in the area on the date in question, where a substantial amount of drugs was recovered and three suspects arrested.

Nyambe is currently out on bail of N$2 000, which the court extended on warning that if he fails to appear in court on the scheduled date, a warrant for his arrest will be issued. Furthermore, his bail money would be forfeited to the State. 
Another soldier who is facing a charge of murder, Gerson Nakale, is expected to make an appearance in court on 9 October. Nakale is accused of shooting and killing Zimbabwean national Fambauone Black on 13 June 2019 during Operation Kalahari Desert. Black was shot dead when he allegedly tried to evade the police roadblock.
– mamakali@nepc.com.na

Maria Amakali
2020-09-24 09:47:34 | 27 days ago

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