• April 24th, 2019
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Some PA to politicians are good for nothing

I learned that the most wastage of the national budget is on the salaries of the personal assistants, many of whom do not understand the essence of their jobs. I believe that PAs can be the most powerful weapon to the politicians to whom they are appointed to aid, in that they can completely destroy the character of the politician. This happens because many do not know or understand that the ministers, governors, councils and MPs are pure politicians elected to serve every citizen of the country. The worst delays on the government ministries’ functions are driven by Pas, because they neglect and ignore the issues raised by the public by judging their appearance and personal profiles. As ministers or governors, one is expected to serve all people, irrespective of who they are and not to serve only those who are connected, or well-known because development is meant for all. Therefore a good political leader is one who listens to the people and brings meaningful input to implement the significant governmental projects that benefit the economic set-up of the country. I learned that PAs are jeopardising the works of the political leaders whom they render assistance to, and this affects governance and development. It therefore goes without saying that having a PA in the public administration is exhausting government resources, because they never put the public administration into the spectrum of efficiency. Henry Ngenomesho
New Era Reporter
2017-12-08 10:41:17 1 years ago

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