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Sometimes it is better not to know

2021-03-19  Staff Reporter

Sometimes it is better not to know
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Imagine one making it their life purpose to find the truth. Of course, in the world of deception and manly constructed reality, such a quest would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. In the absence of deceptive systems and schemes, this would be an act that would do humankind a great favour. It would have been like a Nobel Prize that every inventor or explorer would love to achieve. However, with everything built on a superficial system that, by now, must have become everyone’s true reality, finding the truth would be a shot with a shotgun in one’s foot.

It has been evident since the times of Jesus Christ that as much as everyone claims to seek the truth, the truth often becomes their demise. This is because the truth exposes the human condition. The condition that keeps humankind living in a vicious cycle and like a dog trying to bite its tail. Therefore, to keep the superficial and self-destructive going the truth must be suppressed at all costs. 

Of many ways devised to keep, the truth in check is through the illusion of power. It operates in such a way that those that have accumulated financial resources, even if it is in mischievous ways control information. This has been the best way to control the masses through mind control because the flow and quality of information transmitted influences the views, perceptions, and behaviour thereof. This is, however, done and presented in such a way that it is in the best interest of the masses.

There is also no doubt that first, the mind of an individual must be captured at an early age before their natural inclination starts to take effect. The mind of the child becomes the most crucial to the institutions and systems whose worst fear is that one day a child may be born who may expose the lie humankind has been living. The lie must be fuelled and propagated only for the benefit of the few.

Anyways, the above mentioned are stone aged methods of control and truth suppression. Of late, new age modus operands have been devised. These are presented in the form of emerging fact-checkers and identity politics. They operated in such a way that certain institutions and persons have appointed themselves as custodians of truth and facts. They claim they propagate, and the picture painted is that only if they approve the information is the fact or truth. Sometimes what the unsuspecting, innocent, and gullible masses who have given up the liberty of thinking for themselves would accept these fallacies. Both such “truth” and pseudoscience, therefore, become mainstream and any other views, even if it is true gets labelled as conspiracy theories.

That is why, maybe, sometimes is best not to know. Maybe it is best that one just gets along with everything presented to them on television, in magazines etc. Without any questioning or investigation. Maybe seeking the truth and trying to raise fundamental questions is not a good idea after all if it makes one unpopular, lose benefits or the ability to meet their survival needs.  

Maybe, and just maybe, it is the best idea for most of humankind to continue living in a mere survival mode and scarcity mentality. Sometimes it is best not knowing, especially when knowing brings one nothing but frustration and stress. Maybe it is also best to live with the inconvenience of the status while doing the best to point to the alternative life that is not only possible but real. Where all humankind shall not only survive but thrive harmoniously.

By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2021-03-19  Staff Reporter

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