• September 29th, 2020

Sorry ngo - Ama truck drivers, really now?

I am not convinced that sending our kiddos to school in the middle of this deadly virus is the best decision our education ministry could have made – and that at a time when winter is upon us and the virus is expected to be most opportunistic. While I understand that our children are behind with their schoolwork and trying to e-teach them did not work out because of the stark reality we had to wake up to that the economic and digital gap in our society is so wide, the ministry should have invited public discussion and input on this predicament.  Where are the town hall meetings when you need them most?

To make matters even worse, we are sending first and second graders to school to go first feel how hot the water is before everyone else follows. There is an argument that, “Ja well, we sent the parents back to work and they too could have brought the virus home, but they didn’t.” 
But don’t we get it that adults are mature and would most likely be more cautious than little ones who will turn masks into toys if they don’t lose them when they don’t return home with their shoes and socks? How will they keep on those irritating masks or keep the social distance consciously unless they are under 24-hour adult surveillance? 

Remember that not all of us can afford private schools where the teacher to child ratio is anywhere between 15-20 kids. Government schools have as many as 40 kids in one class. Jesu, imagine how the poor teachers will cope under these circumstances. 
Another argument is that kids are less vulnerable to the virus because they have stronger immune systems, but many of these kids who might be asymptomatic return home to grandparents who are most vulnerable to the virus, as we have seen how Covid-19 ravaged the older generations in other parts of the world.

But I still applaud the effort of our government this far for having kept us safe with minimal cases until the ama truck-drivers just had to come throw sand in our dinner. 

Chisos! Couldn’t you wait? Must you behave like children dodging out of a school hostel for the weekend? Nee man, you almost backfired our chances from gaining the trust of our government with the lockdown being lifted, but no, you had to sneak out to go see your kamborotos. And these chicas just accommodated you without question, putting their lives and those of others in danger. 
We had been waiting in all earnest for June 2nd to return life to normal and send those sharks with their “jy wil nie jy los” prices to where the sun doesn’t shine – I hope they will buy airplanes with that smokkol money they got since the ban has now been lifted. 
I know we are all tired of being caged like animals or being pushed like sheep by the paraparas and gatas, but please continue to wear your masks, keep the distance and keep the peace. The tranquility without the noise from bars was awesome. As for my Baainaar people, ae arm, please hang in there.

Sorry Ngo!   

Staff Reporter
2020-06-01 09:28:56 | 3 months ago

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