• September 26th, 2020

Sorry ngo - Is this the World War 3?

I don’t know, I really flippen don’t understand. How did we get from Amerika and Iran wanting to throw bombs at each other to the whole world being terrorised by a deadly flu which has spread like wildfire to every continent and literally led to the shutdown of almost all major power centres because the Chinaman has been kamma eating yuk goggas? Stop playing. This amakhoes game ain’t funny. Even the Godfather’s country, Italia, has not been spared from the virus that is caused by the apparent à la carte of mouse/bats/snakes/dogs - if at all it’s true that it’s where it originated.  There is nothing the Mafiaso or others can do against this virus that travels like shifting sand – slow, softly and swiftly like our Namib Desert. 

As I was trying to connect the dots even in my naivety, I just could not place how those goggas suddenly turned against their eaters after generations have been fed of the sies tog things I have seen going viral on social media. Imagine if the cows, goats and sheep turned on us – “Hey, try eating me again, you will see your moer”. Gout is o’right kau, let’s not complicate matters, our dear cows.

I am unqualified to understand how all of a sudden there is no more talk about how the Iranians want to dala-flat Trump for killing their much loved general Soleimani. We were made to believe that there was going to be war, and boy were we not prepared as usual to condemn the bully that the US is for causing mayhem and death on another poor Middle-Eastern country and then go back to business as usual? 
And then we heard that some health experts had the nerve to be baffled that Africans don’t get the virus or have not yet caught it. They apparently also detected that the DNA in the (black) blood pigmentation is immune to the coronavirus. Wow, wow stop die lorrie. Isn’t it enough that we have had to deal with HIV, Ebola, anthrax or the ama salami/chicken/pig virus that caused anxiety on our continent? Nee man, you didn’t focus. Can’t we also rest for once and watch from our living rooms?

Or could we declare this be the World War 3 they have been talking about? I know the first two kamstige world wars were between Europeans but they were fought with guns, canons and bombs. But this one is real scary - just a hand greeting or a cough in close proximity can make you tambae. This is why people are now greeting each other with their knie-koppe, feet, or even a bump and grind of the matakos so that they avoid any contact with their hands - the last one though. 

I have my own conspiracies even though they sound extreme and can be dismissed. I am convinced that there are groups out there who continue to cause major havoc to the world, whether it is out of sheer boredom, power-hunger, population control or scientific experimentation. While I cannot prove that most of these viruses were created in labs, I am sure that no matter how these viruses surfaced, there is a desire to keep their shelf lives long enough so that pharmaceuticals can continue laughing all the way to the bank.

This to me comes forward as the real World War 3. This one is hard to contain because we can no longer hold another Treaty of Versailles or drop another atomic bomb Hiroshima/Nagasaki style as there are no more direct bleksem-mekaar aggressions of the nations. 

 Don’t expect some tough nations like Amerika and Russia to send each other missiles because they disagree on matters of priority. They will just hate each other on the side like two /gamares but then conspire to destroy the third /gamare’s entrance. 

While I am not sure what caused coronavirus and most people are as baffled as I am, the latest conspiracy by a Chinese army general that the virus was created to suppress revolt in that country and that someone, somewhere, somehow got hold of it and it led to a global catastrophe cannot be completely ruled out.
 In the meantime, let us hope and pray that this coronavirus nightmare, a.k.a World War 3 will be over before it reaches Africa in far-reaching calamities.  Sorry Ngo!   

Staff Reporter
2020-03-13 09:53:29 | 6 months ago

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