• September 28th, 2020

Sorry ngo - The world in a state of /homaxa...

In all of my existence, I have never seen the whole world in a state of /homaxa, dromokaar, upside down like this. Even the richest country in the world, the United States, is zularing for goods and services as the country’s infections rates have gone into overdrive. I don’t want to think about what’s happening in Italy, where people are dying like flies. 

I have experienced 9/11 and the complete blackout in a city of eight million while living in New York, but nothing could have prepared me for what could be worse than a terrorist attack, where you don’t have the faintest idea where the attack could be coming from. This is nothing like dodging stones while being chased by tsotsis for a cell phone or your handbag that you could easily give up in exchange for your life.  

 This is not funny anymore, the blerrie virus is forcing its way into our country by hook or crook. At first, we joked about it; we laughed at people wearing masks and gloves, thinking they were living in a figment of their imagination. We said it was a European virus and our melanin would protect us from this Chinaman pandemic. But with confirmed cases and more to come, as 160 people coming from our next-door neighbour were allowed in this week to go quarantine themselves at home, I am getting nervous. Actually, that’s even an understatement. I am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. How in the world are we going to monitor adults to stay home and who else in their families are they going to infect while on self-quarantine if they are carrying the virus? 

I know it’s not cool to make others panic, but the videos circulating on how the virus attacks is one to make you have sleepless nights, especially if you already have a respiratory condition like asthma, bronchitis or sinus. I am even thinking of quarantining myself from the Internet – just like our country is on lockdown – from midnight for the next 21 days, so that I maintain my sanity. 

The other day, I was in town for business that couldn’t wait and every door I entered, I had to sanitise my hands. It is a good thing that our city is taking things seriously, but with the hundred types of sanitisers at every door, for someone with allergies, I started sneezing like a goat, driving everyone into panic mode.
This Covid-19 frantic situation almost got me run over by a car because two tourists came to stand next to me as I was waiting for the traffic lights to change. Later that day, I entered a supermarket and boy, did I almost knock over the shelves when I saw a Chinese guy coming my way with a mask on his face? It is the state we are in. 

We are even missing everything going on in parliament because of the crisis.  Og, nee man, we just see poorly taken videos of the /homaxa things taking place in the august house but we don’t know whether the anxiety has anything to do with the awful kamukise driving our lawmakers to want to donder each other.
Please, this is now the time to stand together as a nation so that we can kick this Rona thing to the curb. Someone once said, “in times of difficulty, people who are not on the same side cannot afford to think about the extent of their differences. It benefits all to think of points of agreement to achieve more for the well-being of the nation.” 

We are living in a time of /homaxa and people are going to be bored out of their wits with nothing to do. Let it not be the time to land in the tjoekie or in the hosie for doing dom things. 
Let’s abide by the lockdown and allow the paraparas to do their job so that we are alive to tell this tale to the next generation about this time in our lives. 
Sorry Ngo!
- mnunuhe@gmail.com

Staff Reporter
2020-03-27 07:51:22 | 6 months ago

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