• November 18th, 2019

Soundwave Africa events to resuscitate Zoo Park

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – SoundWave Africa aims to revive the Zoo Park amphitheatre one of the top venues available to host musical shows and events in the city and has a capacity to host 1 400 people by making it a place, which young people can start to appreciate again. 

For this whole year, the Zoo Park Amphitheatre has been booked for every end of the month to host an installation of SoundWave with each date featuring a different artiste or groups tasked to execute their own show.  
The concept behind SoundWave Africa’s Zoo Park shows is to select a different artiste or group to host a show in partnership with SoundWave Africa. 

The first show to make this dream a reality is happening on May 4, 2019, which is Cassinga Day hosted by Blvc Boxx Entertainment. 

Boxx Thrive is the name of the first SoundWave Africa. Blvc Boxx Entertainment consists of TopCheri, Tesh, Athawise, King Elegant, Princelou Faragama and the newest signing to the team, Slime. Attendees will be expected to wear all black.
According to The BlvcBoxx team, they came up with the name and creative direction of the first event and as their name states, “it will be an all-black affair that will feature guest artistes such as PDK, Sunny Boy, KP Illest, Twazies, Lioness, Sunny Boy and Nga-I”. 

The event will also feature DJs such as Kboss, DJ Castro and DJ Roxy, who have all been selected by the Blvc Boxx team to execute a show that best represents their vibe, ” said Athawise, one of the Blvc Boxx Entertainment members.
“The selected artiste or group will be at the forefront and will be the face of the show at hand and has authority over how the show should be executed. [This includes people they want to feature on their line-up, as well as the overall creative direction that should be taken to have a show that best represents the artist or group,” said the organisers. 

Both the SoundWave Africa team and the selected artistes will then be tasked with activations and ticket sales. Unfortunately, SoundWave Africa will not be paying artistes for all these shows, as the plan is to execute the show with the artistes and then share the profits from the gate and beverage sales, according to a certain percentage, with the artistes. 

“This will ensure that both teams work hard and that the artistes finish the shows with event experience and healthy capital to elevate them,” said the organisers. 

“The artistes should then take this experience and be able to continue hosting other installations of their shows around Namibia,” the organisers further pointed out.
The earnings acquired by the artiste can then be used for projects such as music videos, production of new music, paying for features or to simply elevate their brand.

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2019-04-26 10:17:21 | 6 months ago

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