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Soup kitchen asks for structure

2022-02-15  Loide Jason

Soup kitchen asks for structure
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The initiator of a soup kitchen in Dordabis, which feeds over 90 people, including orphans and vulnerable children, is pleading with good Samaritans to assist with a temporary structure as the facility is operating from under a tree. 

Roswithe Arie said what prompted her to establish the centre in 2009 is the high number of HIV positive cases among children and the youth, as well as high teenage pregnancies in the area. 

“I am asking for good Samaritans to help us with the construction of a structure as we are operating under a tree which is in the open, and the weather makes it difficult for us to carry out our daily tasks,” she explained. 

“The project is critical in our community after realising that more and more children and youth are being diagnosed as HIV positive, teenage pregnancies are on the rise, orphans and vulnerable children are also increasing, among other social factors.” She said “although we registered 90 people, there is a need to register more people as more are coming to queue for food. We do serve them, depending on the food we have that specific day as we cannot turn them away. This is the only meal they get in a day, as most of them are coming from abusive and broken homes. They are coming to the kitchen to look for comfort and survival”. 

Arie added that the kitchen offers a balanced diet for the children, but also emphasises the importance of education and the benefits derived to reduce poverty. 

“We don’t only feed, but also educate people on the importance of their health, and help school-going children with school-related issues,” she noted. 

The primary aim to set up a centre for orphans and vulnerable children is to address their issues at the community level. 

“The child should grow up in a family environment and an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding. For a child’s physical and mental development, they require care with regards to physical, mental and social development,” she reiterated.

Dordabis is situated in the Windhoek Rural constituency, about 94 kilometres from the city. -

2022-02-15  Loide Jason

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