• June 17th, 2019
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SPCA takes in 329 cats and dogs over festive season

WINDHOEK – The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Windhoek took in 329 cats and dogs over the festive season. 

Of the total, 202 were stray animals while 127 were surrendered by the owners. SPCA is a charitable organisation whose main aim is to protect and prevent cruelty to animals.  

According to its website, cruelty against animals in the country has been on the increase in recent times and SPCA plays a pivotal role in rescuing and assisting animals that are maltreated, abandoned and abused. SPCA is funded largely by public donation.

SPCA General Manager Hanna Rhodin told New Era that taking in and housing animals is expensive but is needed in order to make sure these rescued and abandoned animals can come off the street and receive a shelter over their heads, food in their bellies and adequate veterinary care and treatments.  Rhodin stated that the cost for taking in one dog for the first month is N$3100 and N$2100 for one cat.  “This quickly builds up and as we received nominal government funding, we almost entirely rely upon donation from corporate businesses and private individuals,” she said.  Of the animals which they took in, Rhodin stated that they and good Samaritans find these animals all over the city throughout the year. She said based on their work, they found hot spots for stray animals in Windhoek are Eros, Cimbebasia and Western Suburbs. 

Asked if there are complaints from public regarding stray animals, she replied that SPCA receives complaints all year-round regarding animals in their neighbourhood and don’t see noticeable difference in complaints during the festive season. 

She explained that possibly due to many people being out of town. In addition, Rhodin stated that some of the stray animals (cats and dogs) they pick up or receive are simply lost animals and reclaimed by their owners while others are simply abandoned. She said if they have not been sterilized (spay/neutered) they multiply which increases the real stray population. 
“Furthermore, we see a multitude of animals being surrendered  to the SPCA as owners are unable to afford to keep their animals; whether it is food expenses or veterinary costs,” she said.

Rhodin further explained stray animals are a community issue and one that the SPCA cannot solve on its own. “It is all of our responsibility to ensure that the animals in our communities are treated with compassion, that we spread awareness with family and friends and that we ensure our animals receive the care they need,” she remarked. 

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