• April 25th, 2019
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Special focus on Brave Warriors rising stars: Riaan Hanamub and Charles Hambira

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Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-While domestic premier league football is still quiescent with no clear direction regarding the way forward, Namibia’s senior football team, the Brave Warriors, is nevertheless riding the crest of the wave as it continues to defy the odds. In fact, the Brave Warriors have in recent times demonstrated the power and ability of the beautiful game to unite Namibians from all walks of life, despite their social class or political differences. While the Brave Warriors - under the exceptional stewardship of mentor Ricardo Mannetti and his righthand man Ronnie Kanalelo - continue to move on an upward trajectory, the process has also given birth to an range of notable rising football stars, all eager to leave a lasting impression. Today New Era Sport looks at two highly talented young defenders, Riaan Hanamub and Charles Hambira, who have stolen the hearts of many a local football fan. Riaan Hanamub Brave Warriors’ overlapping defender Riaan Hanamub came right out of nowhere, took the left-back position and distinctly made it his own. Not since the days of Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos has the world been blessed with an exceptional hard running and skillful left-back, whose legs pack amazing power and vigour. But in modern day football, Hanamub can somehow be easily likened to Spanish giants Real Madrid’s veteran left-back Marcelo, especially when one considers the Namibian’s ability to attack from behind and his overall ball-handling skills. Hanamub is not your typical old-fashioned left-back, who back in the day were mostly stationed at one place breathing heavily down the necks of the opposition. Old-fashioned defenders also mostly lacked basic ball handling skills and that partly limited their ability to cross the halfline with the ball. The 22-year-old Hanamub is a powerful runner with a fierce shot and boasts the capability to turn the game around when opportunity allows. Hanamub’s work rate is second to none and his ability to tightly man-mark his opposition is equally impressive. Hanamub is a pure marvel to watch. The young left-back has definitely brought a new dimension to the Brave Warriors’ rearguard and should coach Mannetti manage to maintain the youngster’s on-the-field discipline and attitude, he will definitelygo places. Hanamub’s style is not only about power and punch, but he is technically gifted and possesses a “win at all cost” mentally, which is an essential factor in modern football. Charles Hambira Another Brave Warriors defender that is slowly but surely becoming a crowd favourite is Charles Hambira. The 27-year old defender is your typical modern day defender, always keeping it clean and is more industrious compared to the physicality often seen in defenders. Defenders in modern football have evolved and their job is more of an art today. The best defenders in the world today are the fittest in the history of the game, and play some of the most tactically astute and technically assured football ever witnessed. In the current Brave Warriors squad, Hambira has reinvented the role of the sweeping defender and has devoted more attention to honing his ball-playing skills and spatial intelligence. Hambira’s ability when it comes to positioning and reading the situation is outstanding. At times, he displays leadership qualities, especially when it comes to communication with his teammates and overall organisation at the back. If he maintains his current form and discipline, he is one youngster I strongly believe has a future in Mannetti’s team and who should be able to go on to proudly represent his country.
New Era Reporter
2017-10-10 10:48:01 1 years ago

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