• July 18th, 2019
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Spotting that “mad” hat

 Donna Collins

Expecting the unexpected is always guaranteed at the Village Cafe in Swakopmund, whose regular fun-filled celebrations every month becomes the talk of the town, as staff members dress up in themes beyond any wildest imagination. 

Last Saturday was no exception with customers walking into a distinctively lively decorated coffee shop, to a bevy of waitresses and staff all wearing quirky headgears, in celebration of ‘Mad Hatters Day’. Each put together his/her unique  individual stylish hat, letting his/her creativity run wild in the spirit of the occasion, with creations ranging from a velvet Top hat with Union Jack, and dangling tin mugs, to a pink paraphernalia sun hat with a chicken perched on the top. 

 Ananda Snyman (manager Village Cafe), explains that they put on these kinds of theme days on a regular basis, and has different one’s running at least ten times a month. Some include an excuse to dress up and accessorise the restaurant’s decor on occasions such as Valentine’s Day, whilst others are just an excuse to celebrate something like “Vanilla Milkshake Day” or “International Bandana Day.” “Life is serious enough as it is, so here at Village Café we want to offer our customers an escape from it all in an atmosphere where they feel welcome and happy,” says Snyman, adding that her staff really enjoy getting into the spirit of the occasion. 

“Our African theme days are really popular, especially amongst our many foreign tourist customers, who love to pose with our girls for photos, who are all dressed up in their traditional wear using striking materials and head gear. “Snyman says they are really looking forward to the Halloween Day celebration on October 31, which is an excuse to go completely “overboard”, decorating the place as well as staff all in costume.

 The Village Cafe has been open for 14 years, and since has always presented different themed days throughout the year, which has earned them a worldwide reputation for being the go-to coffee shop at the coast. 

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2018-10-12 11:14:10 9 months ago

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