• October 16th, 2019

SPYL cautions against the enemy from within

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK - Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary Ephraim Nekongo has made an impassioned appeal to fellow members in the youth wing to stop being at each other’s throat and to rather focus their energy constructively and to find meaningful ways to create jobs for the benefit of all.

Nekongo made these remarks at the inaugural youth dialogue at Swapo Party headquarters.
He complained that some youth expend their energies on unconstructive issues.

“We must talk about issues that are affecting our nation such as ‘what do we have to do to fight unemployment in the country’ instead of fighting one another in all sorts of ways,” he said.

“There are so many external factors at play. Apart from economic recession and loss of jobs, these factors have led to hate speech. I truly and openly want us as young people to change our mindset and begin constructive dialogues to address challenges such as gender-based violence, diseases etc.” 

Nekongo also encouraged the youth league members to pay more attention to how they could propel the party to greater heights and to defend the party.

Despite the fact the youth league and Swapo members are required to contribute to the relevance of the party, Nekongo also complained of some unlawful actions being taken by some cadres that are involved in activities that tarnish the image of the ruling party, said the SPYL secretary.

He added, “People are losing interest in the party because of some members that are messing up. If they keep messing up what are they going to tell the nation when elections comes?” he queried.
Nekongo also mentioned how others are out there strategising on how to destroy the Swapo Party. 

“Why should a Swapo member campaign for an opposition candidate?”
He reminded the nation about the Fourth Industrialisation Revolution.
“Generations have changed, this generation has experienced the worse economic downturn in history, and globalisation has emerged, now with fourth industrialisation taking over, we need to completely adjust ourselves, our thinking, our debates so that this country, this continent, this world can be a better place for us and for the future generations,” said Nekongo.

Another important point Nekongo made was for the nation to invest more in the agricultural sectors to create more jobs.
Namibian musician Lazarus Shiimi, known as ‘Gazza’ also attended the event and he encouraged the youth to always take part in the kind of events such as Youth dialogue so they are enlightened and empowered.

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2019-03-07 09:25:16 7 months ago

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