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Stadio gives graduates shares

2021-11-10  Staff Reporter

Stadio gives graduates shares
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Stadio recently launched the Khulisa Student Share Scheme, which was officially announced at the institution’s graduation ceremony on 19 October 2021. 

The share scheme will give the postgraduate class of 2021 Stadio Holdings shares. 

This includes Stadio Namibia postgraduate students. 

The students will receive their shares upon their graduation, as well as access to a share portfolio, managed by Investec Share Plan Services (Investec). 

Khulisa means, “To grow or foster the development of a person or community”, and the Stadio Khulisa Student Share Scheme is the stepping-stone into a world where generational wealth may become attainable. 

This is a revolutionary step in the academic world and a game-changer. 

Giving students ownership of the institution from which they graduated will build lasting legacies. 

Wealth creation is a relevant topic, and it is something that is often seen to be out of reach for the average person in southern Africa. 

For example, according to 1Life Generational Wealth survey, about 38% of young working South Africans don’t have access to generational wealth. 

In Namibia, the figures won’t be much different. 

Building generational wealth starts by having the resources to start saving and investing. 

The Khulisa Share Scheme will open this door for the Stadio graduates in southern Africa, giving the graduates a ‘vested’ interest in Stadio, the academic institution where they chose to pursue their studies.  

Chris Vorster, CEO of Stadio Holdings asserts, “The time for us as an institution to do something incredible for our students is now. We empower our students – firstly through the provision of quality and affordable qualifications that are aligned with the world of work. Secondly, by partnering with our graduates as owners of our institution, supporting them by investing in their initial steps to leaving a legacy for their families.” 

Albin Jacobs, head of Stadio Namibia said, “Namibian postgraduate students will also receive shares upon their graduation, giving them ownership and empowering them. This started when they embarked upon their Stadio academic journey, but continues with the gifting of shares. Stadio is making this world accessible to its students and will also provide short-learning courses on the basics of investing, among other things, to further upskill our graduates.”  

Stadio places its students at the heart of its academic activities, and prides itself on prioritising their success and solidifying their commitment to student-centric systems.

 The institution is constantly evolving and adding new courses – and constantly sourcing the best and brightest and most experienced lectures to support the students in achieving their academic goals.

2021-11-10  Staff Reporter

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