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Standard Bank branches out to Divundu

2019-07-04  John Muyamba

Standard Bank branches out to Divundu

DIVUNDU - The CEO of Divundu Village Council Athanasius Ndjamba Maghumbo has applauded Standard Bank and Metro Cash & Carry for extending their services to Divundu.

He  says their presence was a blessing for residents who usually travel long distance to Rundu for banking services in addition to buying consumable goods along with other services.

“This means people will now save on the transport cost that they have endured for a long time, things are changing in Divundu. People with VISA cards can withdraw at Standard bank ATMs and those that bank with them can do banking services inside the new branch and others can open accounts and life becomes easy,” Maghumbo said in an exclusive interview with New Era.
Divundu is located 200 km east of Rundu. 

“With Metro opening up here, businesses can also source stock or supplies from there to sell in their cuca shops, unlike in the past where people would hike to Rundu for everything,” he said.

Divundu will also soon have NaTIS services available to residents, as through the council DVC will offer the service of learner licence testing and vehicle registration. 

“We have availed office facility we are just waiting for Roads Authority to come give training and we start. The residents will in the near future only do vehicle road worthy and driving testing in Rundu the rest will be done here,” Maghumbo noted.

Maghumbo is inviting businesses, including banks and shops to open and bring service to DVC.
“We are also waiting for Safland to come start with the construction of a shopping complex in the heart of Divundu, we have already given them land and they are busy registering it and soon they will commence with construction,” he said.

2019-07-04  John Muyamba

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