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Standard Bank Namibia launches music festival…growing the economy by investing in art

2021-03-05  Paheja Siririka

Standard Bank Namibia launches music festival…growing the economy by investing in art
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Standard Bank Namibia in collaboration with the Mshasho Record label launched the SB.09.MF (Standard Bank Music Festival) this week, a music gala to be hosted in September this year with no date set yet.

The initiator of the show or concept originator, Morocky Mbwaluh, famously known as King Tee Dee said they have already thought of the logistics surrounding the holding of the show, stating that hosting shows virtually has become a norm and they are not ruling that option out for now until regulations for the pandemic have been lifted or eased. 

“The whole world is hosting shows virtually, you can buy the tickets and watch it from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are. We are hoping for the best. Once the government gives us the green light on how we can operate, it’s going to be a bonus for us to have people at the event but the show is not going to stop because of Covid-19, you can watch it from home,” clarified King Tee Dee.

He added: “Because of Covid-19, we couldn’t host last year and after we hosted our last show 29.09.2019, we had back and forth discussions with Standard Bank Namibia until they eventually gave in. We got to a point where they were happy about the show.”

Standard Bank Namibia’s representative Margareth Mengo said the main reason for coming on board and investing in art is for the growth of the economy.

“The reason for being part of this project is for economic growth. The purpose of Standard Bank Namibia is to drive the growth in the country, and the growth is the people who live in the country. King Tee Dee is a Namibian product, 100% Nam flavour. We heard and believe in his dream because he created an amazing platform where he hosted two successful events, we got the reviews and we decided to venture into it,” explained Mengo. She added at the end of the day, supporting such an initiative is best for Namibia and having faith in people that can take the country further.

“Believing in Namibia is important, every dream that speaks to us and aligns with our strategies and vision as a corporate, we will support where we can and that is what it’s about. We want to do this differently because we are moving into a world where things are being done differently,” highlighted Mengo.

In 2019, the then The Dogg hosted the final same concert bidding farewell to that stage name to transition and rebrand to King Tee Dee and not to retire from music as previously thought and confused with.

“When I said retiring, it wasn’t me as a person- I was retiring The Dogg. I wanted to rebrand. A lot of companies and brands do that. Sometimes you just want something new, something that will connect with what’s happening now. For me that is all I wanted to do,” said King Tee Dee.

He added: “The Dogg was mainly Kwaito, with a lot of anger and all of that and I know people like how The Dogg was but I just rebranded. I am not going to move to another country. I am here to stay.”


2021-03-05  Paheja Siririka

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