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Star of the Week : DRC and its neighbour Rwanda

2019-02-01  Staff Report 2

Star of the Week : DRC and its neighbour Rwanda
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Our Star of the Week goes to the DRC and its neighbour Rwanda whose relations over the decades can be described as frosty at best and hostile in worst case scenarios. The relations between the two African countries have in the past hit an all-time low mainly concerning the security situation in eastern Congo, where tensions fueled by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi created new horrors for Rwanda. More international peacekeepers and aid workers rushed in, but the United Nations Security Council has shamefully until today failed to act on Rwanda’s concerns. This explosive situation was overcame when the two countries buried the hatchet and decided through operation ‘Umoja Wetu,’, to confront the menace in the Eastern Congo jointly.

Congo already over stretched by more than 1.5 million displaced people and having to watch her people suffer, looting, rape and killings; was more than willing to join forces with Rwanda.

The success of ‘Umoja Wetu’ was in not only in building trust between the two countries, they are now looking into a future of friendly diplomatic relations. Rwanda appointed an ambassador to the DRC and his effort speaks volumes as the two countries seek to restore their diplomatic relations. This will go a long way to stabilize Congo.

2019-02-01  Staff Report 2

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