• September 29th, 2020

Star of the Week: Miss Namibia 2018, Selma Kamanya

Our Star of the Week is Miss Namibia 2018, Selma Kamanya who broke the shell this week by standing out strong and issuing a statement against the pageant’s organisers in which she has revealed all the negative things that has been done to her. Kamanya said that instead of living the glamourous life a beauty queen is supposed to live after being titled ‘Miss Namibia, she was going through depression, as she was being unsupported. 

“I felt sabotaged and I felt I was set up to fail. I was depressed during and severely depressed after the competition,” she complained. 

She said that she has been using her own money at most occasions. Subsequent to that, a few of the previous Miss Namibia title holders also came out and confirmed that, they have also gone through the same situation. “During my year of reign my parents had to spend more than N$ 300 000 out of their own pockets for official work related to Miss Namibia and participating in the Miss Universe pageant,” confirmed Miss Namibia 2016, Lizelle Esterhuizen. 

According to Selma, the statement was meant to bring change in the Miss Namibia Organisation.  

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2019-06-28 09:59:28 | 1 years ago

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