• August 5th, 2020

Star of the Week: Prashant Agrawal

Our Star of the Week goes to the High Commissioner of India to Namibia, Prashant Agrawal and his dedicated team whose diplomatic mission facilitated the project to this week that donated free artificial limbs to those in need. Agrawal told New Era that the project started this week and huge progress has been made.

“To date, 97 people have been aided with artificial limbs and this project will run for six weeks, we are talking about 15 to 20 people who will be aided every day depending on the needs of patients,” explained the Indian high commissioner. He also added that the majority of artificial limbs being handed over are for below-knee total contact which was given to 42 recipients.  Since his arrival to the country earlier this year, Agrawal has been very active travelling across the country assessing where the high commission could offer assistance to Namibians in need, particularly in rural areas.

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2019-09-27 09:07:33 | 10 months ago

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