• September 29th, 2020

Star of the Week: Trevor Brockerhoff

Our Star of the Week is Trevor Brockerhoff for having taken the risk of leaving the Department of Legal Aid to recently open up his own law firm - Brockerhoff Legal Practitioners. Growing up with a strong and fiercely independent single mother is one of the things that shaped him into the man and professional that he is today. “I was trusted with work in the High Court at the tender age of 21 and thereafter the Supreme Court at the age of 27,” he said. He further said it is difficult to pinpoint just one case as his favorite, though “one that still plagues me to this day is the State vs. Jackie Jackson and others where I still feel a great travesty was committed when they were convicted and wrongfully sentenced for murder and robbery.”
Another successful case Brockerhoff handled was the State vs. David Doeseb, who was accused of two counts of rape and was tried before Judge Christi Liebenberg in the High Court and acquitted at the end of his trial, to mention but two.

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2019-05-03 12:22:50 | 1 years ago

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