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Steer clear of vendetta – governor 

2021-02-04  Staff Reporter

Steer clear of vendetta – governor 
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David Adetona

Khomas governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua has implored regional councillors and staff to steer clear of vendetta and refrain from internal unsound labour relations and misunderstandings which has the potential to derail service delivery and development hostage. 
The Khomas Regional Council officially resumed its activities with the announcement that it will continue to implement its 2017-2022 strategic plan that was designed for five-years in order to change the socio-economic conditions of the citizens despite economic challenges in the region.

Mcleod-Katjirua said the opening of the new council year is in line with its strategic plan for service delivery to the community that looks up to elected councillors and staff to achieve and deliver better services. 

She emphasised particularly that the constant coordination between the Khomas Regional Council, City of Windhoek, governor’s office and all the other public institutions in the region is crucial to implement and provide effective and efficient services and infrastructure to the people. 
In support of the efforts of the council, the governor requested the full utilisation of existing regional and local authority councillors forum quarterly meetings to share common challenges, cement efforts towards service delivery obligations and for collective consultation particularly in vital matters of strategic or budgeting planning and implementation. 

In order to focus on commitment to the aspirations of Namibians in the region, the governor stated that a sound chain of command, mutual respect, and smooth cooperation between the councillors and their respective support staff are required to ensure efficient and effective service and infrastructure delivery to the community. 

“The hope and trust of our community is on us to effectively and efficiently respond to their needs, wishes and aspirations.
 We must by all means collectively avoid betraying this trust which made us the candidates of choice to lead them to prosperity,” she said. 
With regard to the Covid-19 pandemic challenges, the economic hardship and the alarming gender-based violence in the region, the governor called upon the councillors and their staff not to create any fear or hesitation to lose focus but instil confidence and broad understanding of the magnitude of obligation with the leadership needed for public services delivery to the citizens. 

“We must be strong and brave to be at the forefront to spread the gospel of the Covid-19 pandemic health protocols or regulations, as well as the importance of the awaited vaccine to the course at hand of wearing facemasks, proper washing of hands and keep practising social distancing rules. 

Thereafter, we must step forward with faith and strong belief to follow the path with determination in delivering better public services and infrastructure to our people,” she said.

2021-02-04  Staff Reporter

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