• September 23rd, 2020

Stranded students may apply for permits to return to SA

Namibian students studying in South Africa and who are currently stranded at home due to travel restrictions may apply for a permit to leave the country, the home affairs ministry said. 

South African institutions recently wrote to Namibian students permitting them to return in order to complete the current academic year. According to one of the letters seen by New Era, the institution said it has satisfied all the relevant health protocols on safety and prevention of the spread of Covid-19. Parents whose children are still in Namibia as they were on holiday raised concern on whether these learners will be able to travel from Namibia to their respective institutions of learning in South Africa for primary, secondary and university schooling.  They also wanted to know if permits are required for travelling to South Africa for educational purposes, and if so will permits be issued and if a negative Covid-19 result is applicable. Parents also wanted to know whether travelling to South Africa was possible given the restrictions in Windhoek, Rehoboth and Okahandja. 

In response, home affairs spokesperson Sacky Kadhikwa yesterday said these stranded students can complete the permit application accessible from all the ministry’s regional offices or by request via mail at covid19@mha.gov.na. 
He stated students should fully complete the form and attach all necessary proof of study and other requirements such as mode of transport.  “Such permit will allow one to come to Windhoek for those travelling via air. Such application of the permit can be handed in at any home affairs office or via email to covid19@mha.gov.na,” Kadhikwa noted. International relations ministry spokesperson Bertha Amakali said the South African High Commission in Namibia has informed the ministry that local students are allowed to travel to the neighbouring country. 

“Namibian school children, who are in grades 6 and 11, as well as post school learners, who attend school and institutions of higher learning in South Africa, will be allowed to enter South Africa for purposes of continuing with their studies through its port of entries during the lockdown,” read the communication from the South African High Commission. 

Furthermore, Amakali said learners who attend school and institutions of higher learning in South Africa must present their negative Covid-19 test results valid for 72 hours. They should also be in possession of a valid passport, a valid study visa as well as a letter from their institution that states that they are registered as learners or students. “It should also be noted that they do not have to register and get approval from the South African High Commission in Windhoek,” she clarified. 
– anakale@nepc.com.na 

Albertina Nakale
2020-09-02 09:15:20 | 21 days ago

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