• September 19th, 2020

Strange cattle breeds: The Beefalo

Beefalo are a fertile hybrid offspring or cross of domestic cattle (Bos taurus) – usually a male – and the American buffalo (Bison
bison), usually a female in managed breeding programs. The breed was created to combine the characteristics of both animals for beef

The cross between the bison and beef breeds combined the superior hardiness, foraging ability, calving ease, and meat quality of the bison with the fertility, milking ability and ease of handling from the bovine. Beefalo are primarily cattle in genetics and appearance, with the breed association defining a full Beefalo as one with threeeighths (37.5%) bison genetics, while animals with higher percentages of bison genetics are
called “bison hybrids”.The Beefalo can vary greatly in appearance but generally it has a large frame and is well muscled similar in
stature to the bison. They are very docile in nature. One similarity most Beefalos share is their unique coat with it being very dense
and made up of fine hair enabling them to adapt to colder climates.This is why ranchers prefer this breed compared to others – the Beefalo is hardy in extreme cold as well as  extreme heat. Beefalo calves are born small but grow very fast; cattle producers buy and breed Beefalo for the easier care of animals from weaned to sales auction market.

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