• July 18th, 2019
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Structured coordination needed to reap benefits of ocean economy


Eveline de Klerk WALVIS BAY – Namibia needs a well-structured coordination to transform and reap the opportunities that come from with the Atlantic Ocean, which not only has fisheries resources, but also untapped natural gas, Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Ports Authority, Bisey /Uirab has said. /Uirab was speaking to the New Era on Tuesday on the country’s efforts to maximise the benefits from the Atlantic Ocean and how ordinary Namibians can become active participants in developing what is dubbed as the blue ocean economy. “I don’t think that we, as a country, are focused on maximising the benefits of the blue economy. My view is that there is so much scope that we can embark on that comes from the blue economy,” he said. He said he does not see a very well-structured coordination to drive or transform the opportunities that derive from the blue economy. “For instance, we have the port operating under the Ministry of Works and Transport focusing on port activities. Then we have the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources that focuses on fishing activities as well as the Ministry of Mines and Energy focusing on marine mining. However, I do not see a conscious coordinated effort that coordinates all these activities that are around the ocean economy,” /Uirab explained. Hence, he said, as a nation, Namibia needs to take stock on how that coordination can take place in a well-structured manner to ensure that the full benefits of the blue economy are reaped. Another aspect, he said, is awareness about the business, employment and economic activities that should be cultivated among Namibians, especially focusing on those that are not from the Erongo Region. “Many of our people do not know the opportunities offered by the blue ocean economy. Hence, all players in this sector have the obligation to raise that awareness so that people also look at those opportunities, especially young Namibians.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-30 09:14:40 1 years ago

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