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Student appeals for funding

2021-04-21  Aletta Shikololo

Student appeals for funding
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The future of a young Namibian woman looks bleak, as she struggles to raise funds to complete her studies at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Luisa Martin, a computer science student, is seeking financial rescue, amounting to N$23 000 to continue with her studies.

Martin said she failed her first year in 2019, which resulted in her losing the NSFAF financial assistance. “That same year turned out to be a very harsh and difficult year of my life. I just had a baby a year before enrolling at NUST and I was being shut out by all my family members and moving from house to house with my baby while trying to tackle school. Most of the time, I did not have money for transport to go to campus and attend class. This resulted in me failing my first year,” she explained. 

With the support and assistance of the father of her child, Martin repeated the first year, of which she passed with good grades; however, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, he lost his job and could not pay off the rest of the tuition fee. 

“My child’s father, whom I had relied on for my tuition fee, lost his work due to Covid-19. 

Thus, I did not get the assistance to pay for my fees for my second semester, which, all together  all the modules had amounted to N$18 630,
plus the registration fee required for my second year; it all ended up at N$23 000,” she further explained. 

Martin said her parents cannot pay her tuition fee and her attempts to seek help have been unsuccessful.

“That amount is so much that none of my family members can ever afford to help me. I tried many people and places; I do not know where else to run,” she said. Speaking to Youth Corner, Martin’s uncle Joseph Simataa describes his niece as a determined student, who never gives up despite the struggles she endures.  “She is strong and hardworking, and there is so much potential in her. I hope good Samaritans will help her pursue her studies,” he said. 


2021-04-21  Aletta Shikololo

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