• August 13th, 2020

Student died from severe brain damage - doctor

The doctor who conducted the autopsy on slain student leader, Helao Ndjaba, said the bullet(s) caused so much damage in his left-brain that it was almost impossible for him to survive.
Doctor Simasiku Kabandje testified yesterday in the murder trial of Commissioner of Refugees, Likius Valombola (53) who is accused of shooting the 25-year old in the head in King Kauluma Street, Oshitenda, Ombili in Windhoek on 18 May 2018.
According to the medical doctor, he observed two entry wounds on the left side of the deceased skull, indicating that he was struck twice in close succession.

During his plea – in which he conceded firing the shots, but denied intent to kill – Valombola told the court that he fired two shots about 10 seconds apart when he was accosted by three people that were banging on the door of his car.
At the time, he said, he was afraid for his life and the lives of his wife and son who were with him.
Kabandje told the court that Ndjaba died as a result of massive brain damage.
He further said he found one projectile at the back of the deceased’s skull where it was lodged and a fragment of a bullet near the left side of the skull.

According to him, that indicated to him that the bullet that left the fragment exited the skull.
He further said that he found one bullet path which indicated to him that the bullets entered the same area and the one that left the fragment hit a hard part of the brain and veered off while the other one followed a straight path through the brain to where it came to rest.
Sisa Namandje, on behalf of Valombola, had a field day in cross-examining the pathologist, at first questioning the authenticity of the affidavit and the subsequent post mortem report.

According to him, the correct procedures were not followed when the autopsy was conducted.
He also had an issue with the doctor’s finding that two bullets entered the deceased’s head.
Namandje produced a forensic report, which indicated the projectile from the accused’s ammunition that was tested by the Namibia Forensics Science Institute weighed less than the combined weight of the projectile and fragment found in the brain of the deceased.
He further said according to the report, the laboratory could not find conclusive evidence that the projectile found in the deceased was fired from Valombola’s firearm.

Namandje asked the doctor if it is possible that the deceased could have been struck by one bullet that fragmented, but Kabandje was adamant his findings support the two-bullet scenario.
The matter is presided over by Windhoek High Court Judge Claudia Claasen and the State is represented by Advocate Ethel Ndlovu. The trial continues today and Valombola is free on bail of N$15 000.

Roland Routh
2020-07-07 10:30:23 | 1 months ago


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