• July 4th, 2020

Swift 30 board game to educate Namibians

  Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Ndeshi Ndapunikwa Fikameni, the founder of the Afro-print line, has come up with a game called Swift 30. 
“The game is proudly Namibian, which aims to educate, promote the authentic gem that Namibia is,” she said.  

“Swift 30 is a board game that is packaged in a bag. As you know, we Namibians like carrying bags and love travelling, so this will be easy to carry wherever we are going,” she explained. 
Her line, Afro-print makes bags. She did not want to deviate from that and thus decided to make the game out of clothing material. 

Fikameni said the game has 54 cards with 10 words on each side where a person has to give clues to his or her partners without mentioning the word on the card, more like the commonly known 30 Seconds. Rules of the game are found in the game bag and include not giving clues by singing or saying the alphabet letters. Fikameni explained the game to the press this week.

She highlighted that there are 1 200 words throughout the entire game. Fikameni said what makes this board game different from other games is that it promotes information about Namibia. “Swift is a synonym for fast and 30 means you have to guess as many clues as possible in 30 seconds,” explained Fikameni, on the reason behind the naming of the board game. 
The board game is made from a certain type of fabric, which means if it gets dirty or something spills on it, it can be easily washed.  According to Fikameni, the game is centred and themed on black and yellow because yellow is her favourite colour and black brings out the yellow. 

The “Swift 30” game will be officially launched at The Garden Inn, which will be hosting its Market Day tomorrow where young entrepreneurs can come and showcase their products.

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2019-04-05 13:02:14 | 1 years ago

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