• July 10th, 2020

Tailor distributes 300 free masks to Rundu residents

RUNDU – Because the wearing of face masks has become mandatory in public places as a preventive measure for Covid-19, a well-known Rundu tailor Toze Bejami on Wednesday donated 300 masks to help government curtail the spread of the pandemic.
The tailor says his donation should be seen in the context that he personally is a socially responsible person who has joined forces with corporates and businesses that have played their part to donate hand sanitizers, face masks, ventilators and other essentials needed in the global fight against the virus.

“I just felt I could do something to contribute to the fight against Covid-19. I used my own material and took some time off to sew the face masks. I took to the streets and I hope it is well received and the face masks that I donated will help my community,” Bejami said.
Two hundred of the face masks were randomly handed out for free in town, 50 were given out in the streets of Kehemu location where he resides and another 50 were distributed for free through the Rundu Urban constituency councillor’s office for distribution to members of the San community residing on the outskirts of Rundu so that they also benefit from his generosity.

“Bejami is a youth and an entrepreneur that we know and he always gives back to the community. I am happy that he is donating masks to help the community fight Covid-19. I want the spirit that he has to be in all our youths to assist the community. Our office is always struggling to assist those in need and with the help from outside we will help many,” said Victoria Kauma, the regional councillor for Rundu Urban constituency.
“We will give these masks to our San community in Ndama location although it may not be enough for them, but it will help. To the inhabitants of this constituency I am inviting you all to come forth and help our needy community with any sort of assistance or donation, whether masks, maize meal or anything as it will be appreciated,” Kauma added.

John Muyamba
2020-06-04 09:41:09 | 1 months ago

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