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Taking crocheting to a new level

2021-06-18  Paheja Siririka

Taking crocheting to a new level
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Mariental’s crochet queen, Paula Paulus, is taking the unique and fun trade to greater heights in the capital of the Hardap region.

The 25-year-old told VIBEZ! she started crocheting in the seventh grade, but only took it seriously later.

Crocheting is a technique of textile processing that uses a crochet hook and matching yarn to create stitches or create different structures and shapes through different stitches and skills.

“I make tops, bikinis, jerseys and now blankets, which I am busy with right now. Crocheting is fun, it is unique. The pleasure of making something with your hands is fulfilling,” said the energetic and soulful vocational training college student.

Paula usually takes a day to make a top or a bikini; two to three days for a jersey, depending on the size; and about a week for a blanket.

She explained the fashion venture was not a dream but found herself bored and having ample time. She started crocheting and only in 2015, decided to start monetising it.

“I am growing fond of the trade and with time I would like to open my boutique, since I am now operating from my room. I want to start teaching the children at the Mariental Primary School, because all they are learning is knitting; they need more,” she hinted.

Paula said most of the time, people order from their specific designers, who then come to her to make the items. She is usually inspired by already existing clothes that she scrutinises, and see if they can be done better.

“The trade is unique and involves making items by hand, which makes it personal. I would love for it to be taken seriously in the fashion industry at large. I would also like to expand and have space from where I can operate, like a shop,” said Paula.

She expressed that moving out of her town is not a priority as she is the only one taking the craft seriously, which leaves enough growth to perfect and master her work.

“It’s fine where I am. I think I am the only one from the town who is taking this seriously, so I wouldn’t mind operating from here until further notice.”

 Her biggest obstacle though is clients not returning for more items because of the current financial situation in the country. But if demand grows, Paula said she is ready to push and work harder to increase productivity.

She reiterated her mission of educating the young ones, which would be a project she will be committed to.


2021-06-18  Paheja Siririka

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