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Tanzanians exhibit products in Windhoek

2021-10-07  Staff Reporter

Tanzanians exhibit products in Windhoek
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Emilie Shimbali


Small Tanzanian business owners have been showcasing their products at Windhoek’s Wernhil Mall since Monday. The exhibition, called Discover Tanzania, forms part of a business and trade agreement between the two countries.

The exhibited goods on sale range from cereals, ornaments, perfumes, spices, honey and African print materials. The exhibition is said to be an excellent way to market and improve trade between both countries as well as intra-African trade in general.

Modestus Kipilimba, the new Tanzanian ambassador in Namibia, confirmed that the local exhibition aims to improve trade between Namibia and Tanzania.

“We have been cooperating in many other areas, but we need to work together economically to improve our people’s livelihoods. This exhibition also aims to introduce Tanzanian products into Namibia so that people are aware of the goods they can buy from Tanzania.”

He added that the exhibition is an excellent opportunity to grow small businesses, particularly during this pandemic.

According to entrepreneur Kissah Mwambene, the local exhibition is viewed as a method of advertising and marketing Tanzanian products. She stated that through the participating businesses, individuals can also collaborate or form business links that will be beneficial in the long run.

Videos of various tourist destinations such as mountains, lakes and parks are also being shown at the exhibition. “We want to talk about tourist destinations in Tanzania because we expect to increase tourism activities in the region,” Mwambene said.

Tanzanian businesswomen also explained here how natural herbs can be used as medicine, how to use various products, and how they prepare their food such as Chapati and Maandazi.

“I’ve been in this business since 2016, and it provides me with a source of income for food and rent. I am grateful for this opportunity since we didn’t get a chance last year because of Covid-19,” said Christina Mwinga, one of the visiting businesswomen.

Tanzanians said they have been exhibiting their goods more frequently at trade fairs, but bemoaned the fact that these events have been stagnant since last year. The Discover Tanzania exhibition is scheduled to close on Friday, 08 October 2021.

2021-10-07  Staff Reporter

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