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TASHIA TRAVELS: Destination Recovery #ErongoStrong (Part 1)

2020-07-22  Staff Reporter

TASHIA TRAVELS: Destination Recovery #ErongoStrong (Part 1)
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Tashia Kalondo 

The virus has been a moving target when it comes to travel. Nobody knows how long it will continue, which areas it might hit next or when and where it will plateau and start to ease off. The hardest hit region, the Erongo region, will need to apply a new perspective on destination, development and community engagement. We will all need to coordinate, collaborate and rise above together to welcome and embrace the age of adaptivity. #ErongoStrong has been trending on social media through a campaign led by Radiowave, in an expression of unity. Because, we are one. We are strong. As government seeks ways to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, recovery can’t begin until the health emergency is under control in the Erongo region, and travel restrictions can be lifted safely. Once lifted, you can and you should travel but you must protect yourself physically by taking the health ministry advice about hand washing, wearing a mask and avoiding crowds. Read on to discover some of the many exciting activities (most of them less 50%) that await you.

Jumping out of a plane almost always finds itself on a bucket list alongside travelling the world. But what makes this adrenaline jump most spectacular, are the unsurpassable views offered in every direction. Personally, I felt like I was plummeting out of the sky uncontrollably. I did my tandem jump with a golden oldie in the business, Skydive Namibia, which operates out of hangar 13 at Swakopmund Airfield. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. It was also the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Even though I’ll never do it again, you should try it atleast once. I hope that was 

Fatties in the dunes
Fat-biking: the miracle solution to cycling on sand. The thrill of cycling up and down Namibia’s famous sand dunes on a fat bike, is a unique experience that I’d recommend everyday and twice on Sunday. Mark de Wet of Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours is the epitome of excellent customer service delivery. He opened his shop for my friend Diina, my kids and I so we could go explore the dunes at the Kuiseb River mouth. These fat bikes let us carve terrain that would be unrideable on other bikes, and provided quite the workout.

Namibia’s answer to snowboarding, lies within her dramatic dunes that surround Swakopmund. I embarked on a thrilling adventure that took me sliding down the biggest dune in sight. Picked up from Strand Hotel, we were driven a short way out of town to “Beth’s Dune”, named after Beth Sarro who owns Alter-Action Sandboarding. We were then given a safety briefing by sandboarding instructors and taught how to wax the extra slick base of our boards, and then the real fun began. The abundance of mighty sand dunes with varying heights and slopes send the lie-down boarders shooting down the dunes head first with each ride getting longer, steeper and faster. A light lunch and refreshments are served after a good morning of adrenaline fuelled fun.

The sandwich
Giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, creating breathtaking sceneries and unique landscapes. Sandwich Harbour is a place I had only heard of, and now I’m part of the privileged few that have visited this magnificent wonder. My well mannered, funny and friendly tour guide, Carl Niehaus of Levo Tours shared his wealth of knowledge about the flora and fauna, and the wild and the rich history of the coastal strip as we crossed the barren salt pans. His exuberance and passion for this striking protected area of sand and sea is remarkable. Sandwich Harbour is more than a magnificent salve for the soul, it is a marine sanctuary and is considered one of the most important wetlands in Southern Africa; its value in conservation immeasurable.
The amount of fun activities one can do at the beautiful resort town of Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and the surrounding areas are endless. Businesses like the few I’ve mentioned have helped position the Erongo region as a mecca of desert-based adventure sports. We as locals should make a concerted effort to experience this spectacular place for what it is, as soon as we can again. I am optimistic that soon enough we’ll all be able to, through a different lens, explore the coast with newfound appreciation. The only way we are going to get through this is together. We are #ErongoStrong.

2020-07-22  Staff Reporter

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