• September 20th, 2020

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No one needs me to tell them that Namibia is a breathtakingly beautiful country quite unlike any other destination on earth. As a seasoned international traveller, I am often asked which country is my favourite and I proudly and loudly blurt out Namibia. 
The Sossusvlei area is undoubtedly my favourite part of the country and driving there is an adventure in itself. The steep Spreetshoogte mountain pass offers astounding views and a thrilling roller coaster-like ride with hills, dips and hairpin turns. Getting through this pass always gets my heart racing because it’s kind of scary. 

As a common stopover for tourists, the first thing that catches one’s attention when arriving at Solitaire is the abundance of rusted car wrecks which have been picturesquely draped along the road. Looking at them is not only aesthetically pleasing, but forces one to ponder their origin, owners and a time when life was surely simpler. Opinions differ when it comes to the origin of the name, but most believe Solitaire derives its name from the word solitude, because this place is rather solitary. Nonetheless, this remote settlement that sits just below the Tropic of Capricorn offers cold drinks, ice cream, baked goods and a welcome stopover to stretch your legs. I love it here. 

Fast forward to the next morning, I made it to Dead Vlei before sunrise; the rising sun exposing various sorts of magnificence in the most beautiful order. Dreamy skies. Burnt orange dunes. Snow-white clay ground. Black petrified trees. It’s difficult to describe the aesthetic beauty of the rising sun at Dead Vlei because the scenery is bewitching. It is a magical experience that no one will easily forget and I made sure to absorb all the glorious colours and the emotions they evoked. 
The picturesque backdrop of Deadvlei not only makes it a photographer’s paradise but also like no other place on earth. This natural wonder ranks high on Namibia’s list of breathtakingly beautiful sights, which is no small feat in a country known for its incredibly stunning landscapes. 
A voyage in the clouds
At sunrise, we soared to 500 metres on the flight of a lifetime, in the oldest desert in the world. Watching the balloon inflate before taking to the skies is wildly exciting but experiencing the magic of hot air ballooning with the one you love, is a truly phenomenal experience. Namib Sky Balloon Safaris are nothing short of SPECTACULAR in terms of service delivery and professionalism. This trip was life changing and every single one of our expectations was met. 

Captain Dennis is hilarious, professional and will take you on a truly magical ride! An aesthetically pleasing and mouth-watering champagne breakfast awaited us once we touched down in the middle of the desert.  This is one for the books and is something I’d recommend every day and twice on Sunday. FYI: Namib Sky Balloon Safaris are currently running a 50% discount valid for Namibian citizens, so here’s a chance to join them for an experience of a lifetime because life is either a daring adventure, or nothing! What are you waiting for?

Tashia Kalondo
2020-08-12 09:44:21 | 1 months ago

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