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Te Divina, not your regular cup of tea

2022-03-16  Paheja Siririka

Te Divina, not your regular cup of tea

Nowadays, tea is not only used as a refreshment. Some teas have properties that act as a tummy filler so that people don’t eat too much, or is used as a remedy to burn belly fat and thereby lose weight. Vida Divina Namibia is providing just that.

“Happiness, success, personal growth, loving relationships; it all starts with feeling good in your physical body. That’s why Vida Divina’s main product line is designed to support and balance your body for optimal health and wellbeing,” said Viva Divina Namibia director, Given Kapitango.

The team is selling ‘Te Divina’, a belly fat burner tea. It is currently in such high demand in Namibia that there is a shortage, he observed. 

“We ship our products in from the USA, and at times it comes in slow. So, we have introduced an investment initiative to help bring in bulk orders and fill this shortage void,” said Kapitango.

The team said since its distribution started in Namibia in 2016, people love the products and keep returning, while still praising how the tea helps them.

“I call it the magic tea because its results are magical, and too good to be true. I happen to be one of the women who have an issue with gaining excessive weight around the belly, but am fine with the body size,” said Laimy Katuli Ipinge, another director of Viva Divina.

She added: “So, I went around with a slim body and a protruding tummy. I used body shapers that usually gave me the illusion of a perfect shape when I am out and about, but ever since I introduced Te Divina in my lifestyle, I’ve never looked back”.

Ipinge said she is dependent on it for belly fat control and overall detoxing, and recommends it to anyone with similar issues. 

Meanwhile, Kapitango stated that at Vida Divina, they believe in helping each other succeed. 

“Our rewards and benefits include, but are not restricted to, financial compensation and high-quality products. We are also committed to building a worldwide community of success-minded individuals who aim to grow beyond their limitations. We’ve also brought in students who can’t afford to join Vida Divina, to sell our amazing detox tea and earn commission on every


2022-03-16  Paheja Siririka

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