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Teachers are trailblazers - Nghipondoka 

2021-07-02  Staff Reporter

Teachers are trailblazers - Nghipondoka 
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Cecilia Xavier


KAMANJAB – Education minister Anna Nghipondoka has described the Advance Subsidiary level (AS) 2021 teachers, learners and school principals as trailblazers. 

The minister was motivating the AS level teachers and principals in Kamanjab, Kunene region, on Monday.

“I am well aware that despite the fact that you are all trained teachers – the level and quality of content that you offer to AS level learners is highly demanding, which requires resourcefulness, the teamwork of teachers, sharing of both materials and human resources,” she said.

The minister noted the level requires “strategy, thinking outside the box while moving completely out of one’s comfort zone”.

“It is a battle that we must win,” she said.

“Many of you might need some capacitating here and there, but it is because I believe a motivated human being can do what it takes to get competency in what they do. Secondly, I’m doing this well aware of shortages of resources in some of our schools but even with that reality, I believe if we are inspired to go the extra mile. We’ll do all we can as a ministry.”

Kunene education director Angeline Jantze indicated the region has qualified teachers although the majority of them lack experience of teaching at high level.

She also said as a directorate, they are challenged with inadequate staff in the capacity of senior education officers. The region has only four as staff often transfer elsewhere as soon as their probation periods are over. The region also has a lack of career orientation for learners.

Jantze added although funds are transferred for chemicals and textbooks to schools, the delivery of the science materials is always a challenge, describing it as slow. 

She emphasised that for this level, they would need funds.

She said with Covid-19, their school working time is disrupted and they fear they may not cover the syllabus fully. However, Jantze applauded the holiday class initiative by the region, saying it has helped boost both teachers and learners.

Kunene region has four schools that offer AS level, 112 enrolled learners and 39 teachers. English being the highest enrolled subject with 104 and Business Studies the least with only two learners.


*Cecilia Xavier works for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Opuwo.

2021-07-02  Staff Reporter

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