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Teacher’s dance classes bring positive vibes

2021-10-08  Festus Hamalwa

Teacher’s dance classes bring positive vibes
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A teacher in the Ohangwena region is passionate about teaching learners cultural dance because she wants them to know their roots and make them understand their culture.

Johanna Nghipangwa Haishonga, a teacher at Paulus Hamutenya Primary School, said she started training learners in 2012 at the school with the help of the councillor of Eenhana constituency, Olivia Hanghuwo.

“I am interested in training learners cultural dances to enrich them with norms and values of their culture. Cultural dance is really important. This is our way to tell other people about the important things that they need to know about our culture,” she told VIBEZ! 

She said culture is a way for learners to know about respect, gain knowledge and give importance to traditions and norms. 

Haishonga said culture is crucial because it can keep learners from projecting their value onto others, and this will also help learners understand culture and diversity in building communities.

She added that learners usually train twice a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, after school. 

“Since I was at the primary school, I always wanted to train my fellow learners on how to do cultural dances. This is the creativity I received from God, and I thank the Lord for not giving up on training learners because it changes their lives,” she explained.

She mentioned that many schoolboys change their attitudes through this cultural group because boys are being taught to respect girls.

She also teaches learners to respect parents at home, and their leaders and teachers because she strongly feels that it is important for young ones to respect everyone in society.

“I would love to teach many other learners how to perform cultural dances from different schools, mostly at primary schools, because I have noted that many learners don’t fully understand their culture,” she said.

Haishonga doesn’t want young people to fall into bad habits like gender-based violence, and wants them to know their role in their communities. She feels this will help prevent them from committing crimes, and cultivate a positive mindset.

“Teachers out there, let’s train our learners at schools about cultural dances. Let’s make them realise who they are. The young generation needs to know their roots and through this they will acquire a lot. I know it’s an uneasy task but let’s push forward,” she urged.  -fhamal,

2021-10-08  Festus Hamalwa

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